Golf Tip #24: Better Shots More Often

An Australian golfer went to America and had a golf lesson with Butch Harmon, one of the world’s best coaches.

Harmon asked his student what was the difference between the golfer and Greg Norman. Not waiting for the reply, Harmon told the Australian that the only difference between the two golfers was that Norman just hit more good shots.

Firstly cast your mind back to your last good shot. Can you remember your pre shot routine? Can you remember your mindset before you hit that shot? What was your swing speed on that day? How did that shot differ from other shots on that day?

How would you score if you were calm while you played every shot? What have you done in the past to calm yourself on the golf course? Whose swing speed do you like the most? Which of your golf buddies do you like playing with the most? Which golfer at your club has the swing that you like and could emulate?

A pattern emerges when golfers analyze their games. May I suggest that you spend some time reflecting on those times when you were playing well? You may find the clues to better performance.