Golf Tip #21: Consider the Season

With the change in the seasons, it is time to change your strategy in playing approach shots from off the green.

In summer and autumn it has been possible to use your putter from off the green. Now the grass off the green is thicker and retains its moisture longer. Putts from off the green can be caught up in this grass. This high percentage shot of four weeks ago has become a low percentage shot.

Perhaps now is the time to use your pitching wedge, sand iron or lob wedge. Practice these finesse shots at home using a mat and some plastic golf balls. Open your umbrella and use it as your target. Vary your distances to make your practice more challenging.

Finally, if the ground is wet on the golf course, keep the head of the club above the ground in your practice swing so that the clubface stays dry. A dry clubface will produce more spin on the ball than a wet clubface.