Golf Tip #19: Bunker Play Alternative

Sometimes it is possible to putt out of a bunker.

If there is no lip on the bunker, the sand is firm and the pin is a few metres on the green, then you might consider this alternate method of extracting yourself from the sand.

It is vital that the ball is struck with a horizontal impact. A descending blow will tend to bury the ball in the sand. An ascending blow can cause the ball to fly in the air and finish in a crater of its own making.

The key to a successful escape from the sand is the position of the ball in the stance. If you set up for putting with your weight evenly distributed between both feet, then your normal ball position may be okay. You will still need to experiment to find the optimal position for that horizontal impact. Take your notebook with you and record your findings.

As with all new shots, take time to practice before trying them on the course.