Golf Tip #17: Hierarchies in Golf

There are different hierarchies in golf. Each of these hierarchies should be known and understood.

Putt rather than chip, chip rather than pitch. This rule of thumb in shot selection does not look spectacular but its results are consistent. Your scores will be lower.

In the bunker, the first priority is to get the ball out of the bunker. Number two priority is to put the ball on the green. Priority number three is to have the ball finish close enough to one putt.

The tee shot on a par four or par five has its hierarchies. Firstly, select a club that will put you on the fairway. Secondly, hit the ball to the preferred part of the fairway. Thirdly, hit the ball to a position on the preferred part of the fairway that gives you the best shot to the green.

The final shot to the green on all golf holes has its set of priorities. Select a club that will allow you to hit the ball on or near the green. Select the part of the green that has the least trouble. Select the quarter of the green that will give you the easiest putt.