Golf Tip #16: Warming Up Routine

Golfers do not always have the time, the inclination or the facilities to hit balls on the practice fairway before they tee off. If any of these is the case, head off to the practice nets. Do your stretches to loosen up your body and move into the net.

Using a five iron, make half swings at half speed and with half power. Let your forearms gently rotate over each other. Hit the ball and keep doing so until the ball is struck sweetly for at least three consecutive shots.

Now lengthen your swing, increasing the speed and applying more power. Repeat the process until you have made three consecutive quality contacts.

Move now to a full swing length, building the swing speed and working up to the power levels that work best for you. When you have made the three shots in a row, repeat the process again with your fairway three metal.

You should now be ready to head to the first tee!