Golf Tip #15: Bunker Practice

I have had the opportunity to witness some excellent bunker play in my years as a Teaching Pro.

Watching these golfers prepare for the shot outside the bunker, it was clearly evident that they had imagined the flight of the ball, its reaction on hitting the green and its roll.

This imagining occurred well before the players selected the most appropriate club for that shot.

The players in question certainly had a feeling for the depth of sand as evidenced by the way they set themselves for the shot.

Their swings had a definite rhythm. Their swings were not rushed. There was a sense of control, not a hurried shot played in the hope of just getting out but one of deliberate smoothness, designed to play the ball to finish where it was intended.

These players used a variety of clubs from the sand. They knew the amount of bounce on the flange of their clubs and the effect of that bounce on their shots from different types of sand

Not surprisingly, these players indicated that they practiced their sand play regularly and that during their practice, they worked on a variety of shots from different slopes and lies. This was the place where they experimented with a variety of shots.