Golf Tip #1: Golf Etiquette

Always stand well away from the person hitting and never in front.

Always wait until it is your turn to play before teeing your ball up.

Always remain quiet while other people are hitting.

Once you have teed off, furtherest from the hole plays first.

Players must wait until all playing partners are on the green before putting and once again furtherest away putts first.

If your ball is in the way of any other player’s line of putt you must mark your ball.

You must mark your ball if asked to by a player in your group.

Don’t stand on or around the hole or on another player’s line of putt or cast your shadow on another players line of putt.

Never remove your ball from the hole with your club head.

Move quickly between shots and after putting out move quickly to the next tee.

Mark your card only when you arrive at the next tee, not on the previous green.

Lowest score on previous hole determines order of play.

When you play out of a bunker always rake it smooth and leave the rake in the bunker.

Always replace divots, carry a sand bucket to repair divots and repair your pitch marks on the green.

Never pull your buggy across a green or through a bunker.

Always congratulate a playing partner for a good shot.

Never throw a club in anger.

Always shake hands with your playing partners after the final putt of a round.